Casa Grande Industrial Rezonings

        CASA GRANDE — The City Council has approved rezoning three parcels of land on the west side of town to invite new industrial development.  A total of 405 acres located west of Thornton Road will be reclassified as either General Industrial or Community Services zones. Two of the land parcels were […]

Seniors Deal: DOA

Yet another proposed development optimized for Seniors … has been killed by overzealous politicians masquerading as council members pretending to be engineers. Due to a small wash at the south end of the property, the guardians of the citizenry’s collective life and limb ignored Staff recommendations and an Engineer’s sealed findings to deny the plan […]

Another Seniors Deal

Yet another proposed development optimized for Seniors has made its way before the omniscient City zoning oracles. Seems “Aging” is a vibrant development sector right now, and this one is purportedly a copycat of the facility we helped site on the Villas by Mary T property at the N/E/C Peart and Cottonwood.  In fact, we […]

I10/Florence Valero Zoning Activity

Valero has finally started entitlement work on their 4ac+ parcel at NWC Florence Blvd and I-10.  Improvements look pretty predictable:  C-store, gas pumps, car wash.  Notable is that this will entail a stop light at that intersection (Camino Mercado).