Seniors Deal: DOA

Yet another proposed development optimized for Seniors … has been killed by overzealous politicians masquerading as council members pretending to be engineers.

Due to a small wash at the south end of the property, the guardians of the citizenry’s collective life and limb ignored Staff recommendations and an Engineer’s sealed findings to deny the plan amendment on questionable grounds.

Please:  was the use appropriate?  or not?  Of course it was.

If so, vote for it and let your engineering and planning staff work out the hydrology.

What does Council know about flooding?  And why do you have an engineering staff if you know more than they do?  Again:  was the use appropriate for that site, or not?  Of course it was.

Watch the video here and tell me if anywhere in it you hear the real issue being discussed:  is the use appropriate for the site, or not?