Another Seniors Deal

Yet another proposed development optimized for Seniors has made its way before the omniscient City zoning oracles.

Seems “Aging” is a vibrant development sector right now, and this one is purportedly a copycat of the facility we helped site on the Villas by Mary T property at the N/E/C Peart and Cottonwood.  In fact, we hear there is bad blood between the developers, but that’s all we can say in print in this open forum, just know that the latter developer’s attorneys were arguing before the Council for equal development standards.  Call us if you want more dirt – haha!

Anyway, this ought to help the languishing intersection of Rodeo & Peart, notwithstanding the recent tenant improvements in the retail center across the way:  a cheer school and a nail salon.  Oh my.  Where’s the Dollar store that was promised?!

Access the fulling zoning submission here:  Santa Cruz Crossing PAD_ amendment Santa Cruz Crossing SITE PLAN