Oops! They Did It Again! (Another True “Spec” Sale in Eloy 6 Days Later)

It happened again!  (see my last post about the historical pricing cycle for junk dirt and how that model has NOT been valid this time)

Price seems a bit rich, but Musulin is a pretty experienced investor around here, so … (he must know something we don’t)?

DATE: February 18, 2016

AOPV: 2016-009718

SELLER:  Cristosomo/Marquez (Litchfield Park, AZ)

BUYER:   MUZZ INVESTMENTS LLC (Mike Musulin, Scottsdale, AZ)

BROKERS:  unknown

APN:  408-01-015-C

ADDRESS:  Toltec Hwy N of Milligan Rd, Eloy AZ

SIZE:  8ac mol

PRICE:  $37,500 cash ($4,688/ac)